Friday, 2 August 2013


primaERP TIME TRACKING software is a cloud whose function is to monitor the time and evaluate the performance and efficiency.

The application is online and can be synchronized with the calendars of Google, MS Exchange 2010 and Office 365, as well as with Basecamp. It offers automatic updates and fully guarantees the storage and security of your data.

To keep track of the time is to log the duration of activities. This allows us to observe in detail how and where to the time was actually invested and, with this information, make the right choices.

primaERP TIME TRACKING is easy to use and helps reduce costs and save time:

1. Automates the creation of reports of the precise worked time for both the account administrator and the team. Such reports can be exported in formats of XLS, PDF and CVS, speeding up the turnover, creation of the balance sheet, declaration of taxes, accounting, etc..

2. Facilitates comparing the planned spending with the final actual expenses of a given project.

3. Simplifies the evaluation of the performance of colleagues and/or employees through interactive time sheets, which allow you to filter the information according to the user preference: unbilled total, average hourly earnings, total workforce, etc..

4. Helps identify problems and abandon or adjust non-productive labor tasks.

5. Allows you to view three different elements in the main panel: the calendar, impulses and agenda, a list of records that displays exactly what was done and for how long.

6. The information from projects, tasks, time records and calendars, are in the form of "impulses" that help you remember what was done, use the time more efficiently and obtain additional information from external services.

7. You can work in teams with different individual profiles, making use of a single account, thus simplifying the exchange of information.

Using primaERP TIME TRACKING encourages you to reflect and review the way the projects, activities and tasks are structured in order to improve them and redefine your strategies.

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