Can a time tracking software increase our productivity?

The basic principle of project management is to carry out a plan that directs and controls the development of our work in the specific period; and such planning is fundamental to ensure the success in any spheres of our life, both work and personal.
Have you ever stopped to think and write down your regular tasks? Try it now! Describe just your day... Is it Ready?

Doing so, you may have experienced one of the following situations:
1.            You have forgotten something.
2.            You have had trouble remembering how long you have been doing each of your activity .
3.            Wittingly or unwittingly, you have overstated the effective working time.
These are basically the reasons why we resort to using some productivity software that helps us to keep control over time efficiency, which is essential for the operation of our projects and businesses.
Alice tracks time on tablet.
Alice tracking time on the tablet

Track your time with a tablet

Such software will never forget, always knows exactly the amount of your tracked time and never lies. This is the case of primaERP TIME TRACKING, it is a time tracking software, which provides you with accurate information on what and how you invested the time. It also generates reports that will make it easy to bill and invoice the worked hours by both you and your colleagues or employees.

As soon as you create your primaERP TIME TRACKING account, the first thing you will need to do, is list the projects you are working on, your clients and the activities needed to perform in order to carry out each of our projects.

Some people may think that this process of entering the data in web based application is wearisome, because you have to spend some time filling out these forms. However by writing down your projects, tasks and activities, you review what you have been doing until now and especially, allow you to evaluate productivity of work. This means that it commits us to invest the time to evaluate and upgrade our project planning and also correct errors or improve our strategies.

In this way, the simple task of filling information can mean a 360° degree turnaround in improving our productivity.
Alice is showing us time tracking on tablet.
Time tracking on tablet

Spend a few minutes or hours to think about how you invest your time and record it. It is something that is definitely worth it and you will find out, it is a huge benefit from tracked time.
Let primaERP TIME TRACKING help you improve your system and track your time easily, simply and for free.


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