Tuesday, 24 December 2013

primaERP has been busy!

We know it’s been a while, but we wanted to wait to bring you the really big news at one time! 4 major things have changed with primaERP TIME TRACKING: We have a new website, new pricing, improved reports and last but not least: We now have a test version of the Android App!

New Design

First, after many hard-working months, we’re giving you a new website. It has a great overview and everything you need to know in one place:

Change of pricing

From now on, the first 3 users are always free and you only pay for the 4th and additional users! Also, you can now have a monthly, yearly or 3 year plan! For all that primaERP has to offer, this is a bargain in itself! J

Improved reports

All 4 reports are now printable in a very nice and clear layout, helping you have an improved overview and also enable you to better present it to your clients.


We launched the BETA test version of the Android mobile app! Only a few weeks more and every primaERP user will be able to track time whenever and wherever he is. The app is synchronized with the web application and you can use it both on- and offline. You can also use the mobile app independently but it works even better together with the web app. :)

We hope you’re as excited about the great news as we are and that you enjoy them to their fullest! 

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