Friday, 25 April 2014

How to make the most out of my time with pricing

The Pricing section in BILLING is the perfect place for creating and managing your prices in a flexible way, creating combinations and exceptions that will later affect the way time records are priced in TIME TRACKING. It’s the perfect place to develop your pricing strategy.

Why pricing?

Because it’s an important part in the process of converting the time you register in TIME TRACKING into money. Your prices and their right value are the difference between loss or gain.

Flexible prices

Taking into account that every client and project are different, the requirements for pricing can vary from very basic pricing based on activities to more complex combinations like different prices for a same activity for different clients or projects.

This flexibility is possible with Pricing, where we support a wide range of price combinations between activities, projects, clients and users to suit everyone’s needs and pricing strategies.

Exceptions and changes

Pricing is easy.

You start by setting a global account price that suits you. Later on you begin pricing your activities and having diverse prices depending on what you’re doing. For some time, that’s enough.

As time goes on, you realize that your favorite client deserves a less expensive price, as he’s been very loyal. That’s why you decide to create a new price for him in combination with your current activities. As a result, the time records you create from the moment you set this new price, will be priced with a lower price when working for your favorite client.

What if it’s the middle of the month and I want to price the time records I registered until now?

No problem! Pricing offers a “Recalculate price” function that will enable you to filter the time records you want and reprice them with you new price very fast.

So what you’re waiting for?

Go and set the right prices for your time! :)

Need more information?

For a more complex article and explanation of the Pricing feature, click here

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