Why is the Cloud leaving traditional data centers behind?

Is what we now call “Cloud” just a data center in disguise? Is its fate to disappear as soon as the next IT trend come around?

In the case of the Cloud, we are witnessing is something truly new.  Something that significantly pushes forward human endeavors in the IT field. Nevertheless, what is Cloud and why is it so different?

First, we need to understand what the cloud is not. Despite what data center builders and investors might say, it is not just another data center; it is not a building full of servers for rent.

The Cloud is something else 

The Cloud not only transfers responsibilities regarding maintenance, power, cooling, etc. to users and service providers. It creates much more: connects computers and remote data centers, through very smart programs and into a single unit that can provide customers with automatic, remote and ready-to-go computing power, according to their immediate needs and decisions.

Benefits of the Cloud

Computer systems have spread throughout the globe, across every continent, spreading like fungi in a moist forest. Check out the greatest benefits for the customer:

  • no maintenance required from the user
  • better use of computers and better prices ,
  • immediate flexibility of performance according to user´s requirements
  • great resistance to attacks

For example, if there is overloading or even physical damage in a particular area, the customer’s data processing would be would just be transferred to some other part of the planet and the user would not experience any interruption. It may remind you of sci-fi but it is not.  Welcome to the 21st century.

We are all using the Cloud

You may think you have no connection with the cloud whatsoever. Nevertheless, every time you use search engines, Google Maps, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, an Apple or Google account in a mobile device, a MMO game, you are benefiting from it. The Cloud has been around for a while, by our side, assisting in our daily lives.

Private power plants are obsolete

We are going through fundamental changes in IT. Complex and high maintenance computing systems are gradually being replaced with the Cloud. The same way long ago factories lost use of their own private, dedicated power plants, now it has become obsolete to have a server room. Cloud wins. Not because it's trendy, but because it is useful.

Are you a fan of the Cloud ? Share your thoughts!


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