Connecting other applications to primaERP

The API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of procedures and functions that allow a software to use another software´s functionality. 

In the current web environment, technology companies are opening up their software in order to allow other companies to use and connect to it.  The API is a business networking tool that is changing the way of the Internet and empowering companies to build interconnected technology projects to facilitate the exchange of information, functionalities, and usage thus improving their networking and business performance.

primaERP is one of those softwares ready to cooperate with other applications and programs. There is an API access point available, that allows other applications to have full access to all data created and stored in the primaERP sources. Technical communication with the API is provided on a https protocol basis and the supporting data transfer in JSON or XML format is using the RESTful architecture. With the API, external applications can obtain all stored data, modify or delete existing data and perform other special actions such as calculating prices, activating and deactivating objects, etc.

An example of an interconnection with primaERP via the API would be between an external CRM (or ERP) system and primaERP. An external CRM could (with the help of the API) store and maintain projects and tasks in primaERP where the users could track the time spent on them. Then the external CRM could “retrieve” the tracked data (again via API), and continue its further processing.

You can find more detailed information about primaERP´s API on our public & open development documentation website: http://devdoc.primaerp.com.


idealsvdr said…
Almost every application depends on the APIs of the underlying operating system to perform such basic functions as accessing the file system. In essence, a program's API defines the proper way for a developer to request services from that program.
Andrea said…
Hi, idealsvdr. Very well put. Sums up the text and what we have worked on. Thanks for the contribution
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