Friday, 5 September 2014

primaERP TIME TRACKING is now available as iPhone app!

Time Tracking by primaERP - you can use it both on and offline as it synchronizes with the web app, so you are sure to not lose any data.
It is the perfect app for when you’re on the go but need to track your time in an easy, fast and accurate way. From preparing for the meeting in the office, to driving there, the meeting itself, the discussion, the way back… all can now be tracked with just the tap of your finger! No more dragging your laptop with you- just start the stopwatch on your phone and at the end of the day, you know exactly how much time you spent for this client’s meeting. 

As it is on the phone, it makes it much faster and more easily accessible than on your laptop as well as simpler since you only have the necessary functions, incl. the personal report so you can check your personal statistics at any time. All the project, client and task management activities can be done in peace, when you’re back in the office, same as view the complete reports, etc. 

Just log in on your phone and after a short tour of the app, you can start or continue tracking your time. 

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