Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Learn about the disease of the modern age - Procrastination

The worst disease of modern society is „Leave it for tomorrow“, or also known as Procrastination. It is very infectious and these days it has started to be widespread, almost at an epidemic level. Some scientists say it should be called a pandemic.

Signs and symptoms

-          Overuse of social networks
-          Reading tons of blogs, magazines or news
-          Obsessive use of Google
-          Non-stop TV series marathons
-          Regular chat with colleagues about topics not related to work
-          Weak people can observe the first symptoms after a few days of being exposed to the virus

Disease specifics

-          It is highly contagious between people
-          It is dangerous to regularly meet someone who suffers from this disease
-          The process of the disease is very individual and depends on the level of illness of the carrier(s) and your immunity, as well as the length of contact with the infected person
-          It can also be an autoimmune brain reaction
-          Some people are totally resistant to it, because they are living healthy by getting things done in life
-          You can live with the infection for years without noticing it
-          Prevention is highly recommended


Since it could be hard to realise that procrastination affects us, we have to go through some serious physical examinations. The most important step of the diagnosis is the use of a procrastinometer – primaERP TIME TRACKING, which is also great for prevention.

It is an examination, which is available all over the world and for free. You should investigate your life for some time and find out which activities make you more vulnerable to suffering from procrastination.


Improve your daily routine according to the results of a primaERP TIME TRACKING examination, especially by eliminating those highly infectious activities.

First results will appear soon and you will start feeling better after a few days, but don´t stop in your cure effort. If you can take the slight pain, it will pay you back with a higher amount of satisfaction.


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