Thursday, 20 November 2014

User story of the language school Hezkyč

We wanted to know how primaERP has impacted people and businesses since its launch 2 years ago. We asked a young businesswoman, Uljana, who started her language school business the same time as primaERP appeared on the market, questions on how primaERP was beneficial for her and how she uses it now. We would like to share her experience, maybe it can help you. :-)


Stage 1 - self-employed

I needed to know how much time I was spending with the teaching in language schools, translations and interpretation. 

I found primaERP and the app was for free, so I was not afraid to try it. I started to track my time in TIME TRACKING, including even the less important related tasks. My findings were surprising.
For example, I found out that by teaching Russian to my classmate, I can earn more money than for teaching business Russian at a company, which I thought was more profitable before using TIME TRACKING. The price for teaching an entrepreneur Business Russian for 1 hour was $20. The price for teaching my classmate was only $10 per hour. So at first, there were no questions about it. The lessons took 120 minutes, so I earned $40 for teaching Business Russian and $20 for teaching my classmate. However, after precise time tracking, I realized that I spent an extra hour preparing for the Business Russian lesson, and another two for traveling. At the end, this cost me 5 hours of my time, so my final actual rate was $8 per hour.

Business Russian lesson
I taught my classmates between my University classes and it was just the basics, so there was no time for preparation or transportation needed. It’s quite obvious that this is more profitable, especially when you only have a few clients, but when you have 10 clients and in addition you teach at a language school, you can lose overview very easily. 
General Russian lesson
For me, it was even fine to just open my project report once per week and evaluate which of the projects is most beneficial. By this logic, I should prefer teaching classmates instead of teaching business Russian, but there is also one important benefit in teaching business Russian: It pushes me forward and helps my career.  However, that is something no software can tell you. :-) Despite that, the app helped me a lot to set my priorities straight and charge suitable prices.

Stage 2 – Hiring 

I started to have more clients than I could handle. I needed to hire more teachers and with this, the pricing of the work started to be more complicated, but primaERP helped again. I invited teachers to join my primaERP account and created two main projects – individual and group lessons. All the teachers had the same hourly rate, but there were different prices billed for each customer, depending on how loyal they were, how many lessons they took in the past, etc. The individual lessons are usually invoiced retrospectively, so I needed precise evidence. It didn’t just stop at the hourly rate- there were usually some additional costs, such as new schoolbooks or travel expenses due to new locations (you know businessmen, always busy, always on the move), which teachers had paid and then billed me at the end of the month.

Bill from teacher
This way the client had a good overview of his lessons, and I could bill my time precisely according to the time I had spent. 

I can´t say a bad word about the app. I really love its minimalistic design and I’m looking forward to more new features, including the possibility to invoice my client.

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