Monday, 22 December 2014

A primaERP Christmas Carol!

We would like to wish you happy holidays on behalf of everybody in primaERP. Stop stressing yourselves with what you need to get done until the end of the year, or should we rather say, don´t let the last-minute gift hunting bring you down. Grab a chair, put your feet on the table, grab something hot to drink and relax with our story about one nameless, yet somehow familiar entrepreneur.

´´ I opened my eyes and saw a tall figure in white standing in the corner of the room, emanating soft white light. Taken by surprise, I whispered "You are the one, whose visit has been foretold?" "Yes," replied the spirit and went on, "I am going to show you, what you planned to do this year, your resolutions and reality." Before I managed to reply in any way, the wall behind him lit up like a movie screen. The figure disappeared into the light, to be replaced with the scene of me and my family laughing together. The background quivered for a moment, and I quickly had to close my eyes as something darted towards my face. When I opened them again, I realized, that it had been a couple of snowflakes that came my way, as I was skiing over the snow-covered hill. The image changed itself again; the snow vanished and suddenly I was riding a bike over a green field, then hiking in the beautiful mountainside. The scenes began to change faster and faster.

"Do you remember all the things that you wanted to do?" asked the spirit. "Yes, I do, but you know, with these new investments, I had so much work..." I couldn’t even finish the sentence as he interrupted with "Yes you did." and the images started to flicker again. I saw myself sitting at my desk at work, wasting my time on meaningless meetings and even almost falling asleep behind the wheel during endless business trips. I could only remorsefully nod.

The images slowed down to show a person sleeping on the keyboard in a dark office, alone. "This is you, right now", said the spirit mercilessly, "and this is what is happening elsewhere." The view moved out of my window to the streets, passing the smiley faces of the people promenading the streets of the town, all lit up and decorated for Christmas. Finally, I saw my own house. My kids were laying on the carpet, playing with their building blocks, enjoying their time, while my wife was laughing with them joyfully. She kept smiling, even when our youngest daughter asked, “when is daddy coming home?”. I only saw how sad my wife really was when I read the word soon on her lips.

I noticed the spirit wanted to go on with the story- the images started to change on the screen once again, this time to the future; scenes that should warn me, what would happen if I keep using my time so recklessly. What was exactly there, I don´t really know. By that time I was driving home, heading for the investment of a lifetime: I was going to spend Christmas time with my loved ones.

Merry Christmas!


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