Thursday, 16 April 2015

Meet primaERP Attendance: The new web & mobile app

We´re happy to introduce primaERP´s new module Attendance, which keeps track of your and your colleagues` working hours without the tedious paperwork. It has been created as a light application for companies, which are looking for both high usability and simplicity.

primaERP Attendance allows employees to clock in and out anywhere via the web or Android App. They can switch between different breaks, such as lunch, doctor´s appointment, coffee break or other non-working activities you set. The tracked data is stored in the cloud, so all users can see their current and past timesheets and print or send them per e-mail, anywhere and anytime. The benefit is that you can have all of your data in one place, which simplifies the process as well. (Read about the advantages of using cloud-based tools for businesses in our article).

As there are different user roles, you can choose to give the users different rights, such as forbidding the employees to edit their own time records (more like a basic punchclock) or giving them more liberties in editing. With time entry locks, you can also lock the time period, in which it won't be possible to edit the records.

Attendance is naturally integrated with the other primaERP modules, enabling an advanced evaluation of Attendance records in Time Tracking´s reporting tools, as well as setting prices in Billing. If you have employees who need to track their time on projects, you can give them access to Time Tracking, while for those who just need to clock in and out, Attendance is the way to go- and you only need one account for this.

Interested already? Learn about the first steps or start now by registering on primaERP website.


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