Friday, 3 April 2015

Why to use Cloud-based Time Tracking and Attendance Software

The idea of using cloud and/or cloud- based enterprise software is sometimes still difficult to adopt and, despite its´ improving and „maturing“, remains controversial. However, there are many kind of tools, especially attendance and time tracking applications, which offer advantages that have the potential to significantly impact the performance and productivity of businesses, especially SMEs.

1. Save on IT services

Using cloud-based programs means you do not have to spend time and money on software deployment, hardware configuration or maintenance. The cloud applications run on external servers so you don’t need to have any internal IT services to run the system. You can get the technical support immediately via email, phone, chat, etc.

2. Save time and money in administrative work

When using traditional attendance and time tracking systems, the inefficient and cumbersome payroll processing, such as manual data entering and administration of paper timesheets, can increase costs quickly. The cloud applications automate these processes, so that your people don’t have to spend time on it.

3. Better adaptation to your own business

With cloud-based applications, you don´t have to adapt to fixed plans and solutions, but only pay for the number of users/employees you really need to use the system at any given time. This can be easily changed according to your particular case, which is especially advantageous for start-ups, SMEs and companies, whose staff fluctuation is usually high.

4. Free automatic updates

Usually when you buy a non-cloud-based system, you get the latest version. If you want to update to the newer version, it will involve additional charges, plus an investment of time for the installation and training of the new features. In the case of cloud applications, upgrades are automatic, free and don´t require anything special for their implementation.

5. Accessibility anywhere, anytime

If you use a Cloud-based software, you can access it from everywhere that has internet, no matter what time. In the example of attendance, employees can easily log in and out from the office or by using a mobile device (e.g. messengers, carriers, consultants, etc.), while the payroll staff can view, print or export the information in real time from anywhere. If your business has multiple locations or branches, you can manage the attendance using a single program and have all information in one place, which you can simultaneously access from anywhere.

Although the issue of data security remains a popular barrier for businesses to use cloud services, we must remember that they operate under strict safety standards and count with expert professionals, dedicated precisely to keeping their user´s information protected. While people say using the cloud is risky, the real level of risk is comparable to any system outside the cloud. Besides, cloud-based time tracking and attendance applications offer so many obvious advantages (less cost, less risk, greater flexibility, etc.), that it’s worth considering them as an option for any business, including yours :-)


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