Thursday, 29 October 2015

How can time tracking help you to concentrate?

There you are, sitting at your desk, facing the computer and trying hard to concentrate on your work. Then there comes a new e-mail or a colleague with something funny to share. The e-mail possibly needs to be read immediately. The colleague, at least out of common sense and courtesy, needs to be acknowledged. Suddenly you no longer have any idea about what you were doing before... Does it remind you of something? Do not worry, it happens to everyone! If you are too overwhelmed, most likely it will come back to you in a few seconds and, if you are lucky, not much time will be lost. It is not always the rule, unfortunately. For those cases in which you may feel you have to much to deal with,  the following time tracking hints can help.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

7 tips to run an effective meeting

Meetings are great tools to solve complicated problems, which require speed and decisiveness. If you followed our previously mentioned 7 ways, you can go ahead and send those meeting invitations with a clear conscience.

The invitations should be sent to all of the involved parties, which can actually help solve the problem, not to everyone. Once you have decided who to send the invitations to, make sure to include some documents or topics which will be discussed, so that they can prepare for the meeting. Besides putting the place and time of the meeting, you should also try to estimate how long the meeting will take. This is not easy, but your busy colleagues will appreciate it.

Now you know how to create the meeting, but how will you organize the meeting itself? Here are some tips which can help.