Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How to calculate the price of a project

The precise estimate of the costs and the time of a project is crucial to make sure you will stay within the limits of a budget. A miscalculation can lead to financial losses and ultimately make it  impossible to complete the project. Therefore it is necessary to dedicate special attention to detailed planning and to try and foresee possible complications. But how to know what price is reasonable and appropriate based on the quality and complexity of the work to be performed? Or how to estimate the time it will consume? Here are some tips to resolve these issues:

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Time management for up-and-coming freelancers

"People think that the hardest thing in the life of a freelancer is to get a contract. Actually, the most difficult thing is to refuse it” tweeted Czech social networking guru Michelle Losekoot. The 88-character tweet managed to summarize the essence of the problem, which sooner or later most individual entrepreneurs on the right path to success will have to face. Taken by the euphoria of seeing their goal on the road of fulfillment, freelancers tend to accept whatever comes their way. They develop the tendency to see refused work as lost money and acknowledge no boundaries concerning what is realistically doable. Does that remind you of something?