Thursday, 9 June 2016

Integrating primaERP and Asana with Zapier

Asana is one of the world’s most popular project management software. Following requests, we made it possible to integrate Asana with primaERP in order to make task and time tracking easier and simultaneous.

Setting up the applications

Naturally, you need to have active accounts in Asana, Zapier and primaERP. Make sure you are logged in the three applications before starting. In case you do not accounts in any of them, it is free to sign up for all three.

IMPORTANT: The project that will contain the tasks in Asana should be defined and the project in primaERP that will contain them too. If you want new projects to be used in the connection, they must be created before performing the integration.

It's very simple. Follow the walkthrough below.

Integrating the applications

1 - Go to the connection page in Zapier CLICKING HERE.

2 - Once in the page, click on the button that says " Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard "

3 - On the new page, click on "Make a Zap" or "Make a New Zap"

4 - Search for "Asana" in the space provided and click on the icon, as shown in the picture:

5 - Select the option for integration. We recommend checking the last option ("New Task in Project"), and to continue, click "Save + Continue".

6 - Confirm the connection by clicking on "Connect to New Account" and on the "Continue" button
to proceed:

7 - Select the project to which the tasks you want to have integrated between the two applications are associated and click "Continue":

8 - Zapier will test the connection with Asana and prepare to share tasks. Click "Continue" when prompted.

9 - After the connection to Asana is done, Zapier will ask to indicate which software it must be integrated to. Search for primaERP in the corresponding space and click on the icon when it appears:

10 - Select the type of action you want to be generated in primaERP from actions performed in asana. We recommend "Create Task". Click "Save + Continue":

11 - Confirm the connection by clicking "Connect to New Account" and clicking the "Continue" button to proceed:
12 - The action described above will open the window shown in the image below. In the first field enter the name of your primaERP account (as it appears in the address bar and in the second, the "Token", which you must create in “My profile” in primaERP.


A) Take the cursor of the mouse to the avatar at the top right of the screen
B) Select "My Profile" from the submenu
C) Select the "Security" option on the left
D) Click on the button that says "Access Tokens"

In the new page click on the green button that says "+ Access Token" and name the token as desired. The Token will appear in the list. Just copy, paste it in the Zapier window and click "Yes, Continue" to proceed:

13 -The following page will ask to fill optional details. Although not included as mandatory, one of those details is crucial. In the page that appears in the message below, be sure to select the option "Name" in the corresponding field. Open the options by clicking on the part indicated by the arrow and select the option, as shown:

The following screen asks for a test. Click on "Create and Continue" to perform the test and, finally, on "Finish".

14 - Choose a name for the connection and click the button indicated on the image below to enable integration:

15 – It is done. From now on, when creating a task in the defined project in Asana, it will be available in the corresponding project in primaERP. Now you have all the functions of both applications at your disposal.

Zapier allow other forms of integration. You can test other parameters following the model described above. Good luck!

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